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7 December 2010
Son in Laws! Yet another example of a son in law giving incorrect information on a Death Certificate has surfaced ~
About 1849 a Charles SMEE landed in Australia and by 1852 had married and settled in New South Wales, he died in 1916 having had at least 7 children and his Son in Law (James JEANS) stated on the death certificate that Charles was born in 1831 in London to a Labourer Charles SMEE.
I believe he was mistaken and that Charles' parents were William and Susan Elizabeth SMEE, which would means he was probably related to William Randolph SMEE the Sydney Schoolmaster who had arrived in 1836.

5 November 2010
Regret to say I have been informed of the death in Australia of the Reverend Gordon Harvey SMEE, the last surviving Great Grandson of William Randolph Smee, one of the early Australian Settlers. RIP
25 October 2010
Another session in ERO and we get closer to sorting out the Mystery of Hannah RANKIN/RAMKIN of Bocking, who married Charles SMEE in 1839, closer , but no banana
14 July 2010
Another visit to the Essex Record Office to sort out some queries lead to the discovery of yet another "unknown" SMEE family - if anyone can place William SMEEwho had 4 daughters in Witham 1770-90 please let me know? I suspect  that Elizabeth HUNWICK died early, but why would his children have been baptised Anglican? or was the Quaker connection purely from the Hunwicks?
15 April 2010
Isaac SMEE - Can you help?
Following the discovery of some new (to me) material at the Essex Record Office, my view of the families of Isaac Smee in the C18th has been modified, I have laid out what I know (and suspect) at a new page Click Here
 1 Oct 2009
It now appears that the sailing of the Camden to Australia  in 1836 carrying the Bishop of Sydney and William Randolph SMEE was delayed because a passenger died!

 The Passenger in question was William's young Son - William Harvey SMEE, he was buried in Rotherhithe on the 19th February 1836, this explains why he appears on the Captain's list of Passengers but not on the Arrival lists.
the big question is - was poor William Harvey SMEE the cause of the scandal that exiled William Randolph SMEE?

16 March 2009
 For a long time I have been worried over the birth of Susannah RAY, the Wife of William SMEE (1777-1858) the Chief Accountant of the Bank of England, the Baptism that was ascribed to her, and hence her parents felt wrong, as she claimed to be 50 in the 1841 census, which made the 1792 Christening dubious. Also if she was christened in Sudbury, why did she marry in Tannington?

Thanks to some first class research by Ron Goose, I now believe she was the Susan RAY christened in Tannington 19 December 1790.

8 January 2009
Raymond SMEE - Can you help?
I am having a problem with understanding the relationships of 2 gentlemen reported in various Sources, if anyone knows of the following please contact me?
---- Raymond William SMEE
---- Raymond Wilmot SMEE
I think they were both born in Pennsylvania USA one was in 1896 and another in 1907, but which is which?  and who married in 1929?

 2 January 2009
Happy New Year
And my Thanks to Graham SMEE for pointing out that Smee Farm is nowhere near Ipswich, I did of course mean Norwich,
An Image is at
19 December 2008
Mary SMEE  - Your help requested
See Here for more about the Girl who married Edward Olley at Rayne in 1783

 9 December 2008
Smee the Pirate - Fiction certainly, but was he based on fact?
See The Pirate page for more

 6 December 2008
The SMEE Family Web Site re-alignment
Until this date the Web Site SMEE.ME.UK acted as the front end site for my Research Database, however due to circumstances beyond my control, this must change. The Research effort will be moved to a different Web Site and this site will concentrate on the One-Name study for SMEE.
Alternate sites
SMEE One-Name Research SMEE.ME.UK or (they should show the same info, it's all about Search engines!)
WINKS One-Name Research WINKS.ME.UK
30 November 2008
So, the William Randolph SMEE mystery deepens! This famed "Black sheep" of the Bank of England family has now been discovered as the father of a William Harvey SMEE who was baptised in Nottinghamshire in 1835, a year before the family were sent packing to Oz on the Camden in 1836! This certainly explains the deceased son on WRS's Death Certificate, but the father's occupation is shown in the Parish Register as ... Royal Navy ??
I have now tracked down his step daughter Jane HOLMES in Australia, she married in 1845 and produced 8 children.
Still the question remains as to what was the "Youthful Indiscretion" his Sister referred to in 1856 as the reason for his move to Australia?
 I think the answer may lie in his marriage in January 1834 to Eleanor HOLMES nee MOSSMAN. Why did they go to Kingston upon Hull to get married? Perhaps a clue is that Thomas HOLMES, Eleanor's first Husband, did not die until 1844! Divorce? Bigamous? Either was probably good cause for WRS's fall from grace. Perhaps the choice of Harvey as their first son's middle name indicates a level of support they received from his Brother-in-law Harvey DICKINSON? I suspect that William Harvey SMEE may have died on the Voyage despite the Governor claiming the Bounty!, or certainly shortly after arrival as he is not mentioned in Adam MOSSMAN's letter of 1843.
20 November 2008
The first "Viral" Urban Myth? On 2 August 1835 an Obituary appeared in "The Examiner" of one Thomas SMEE a "respectable Farmer" of Tipperay, Ireland who had died near the Horse and Jockey Pub. He claimed to be aged 115 years old and to have only ever lost one tooth! He had obviously forgotten losing all his milk teeth due to the passing of time .... This Obit then appeared in a lot of regional Newspapers over the next 2 months. Forgive my cynicism
6 October 2008
Anyone with a Camera near Norwich?
There is a Listed building at Great Plumstead called SMEE Farm on Smee Road, which is at the end of Smee Lane, there also references in some 18C newspapers to Hare Coursing taking place in Suffolk at the Smee .....
7 August 2008
Recent discoveries - The sad case of William Ray SMEE who thought he was a Royal Prince.
A major addition is further research into the SMEE / Nugent / Ayrton Families and the slow process of adding the British Army First World War records and about another 1,000 Individuals to various Family trees
9 July 2008
At last some sense appears in sorting out the SMEE / Hayes Family of Bocking, Essex
Sarah SMEE married John Hayes on Xmas Day 1852, they had at least 3 children before Sarah died, John then remarried, but I could not identify who. Naturally it was staring me in the face, he married in Spitalfields on March 29th to his Wife's elder sister Mary SMEE ....
25 April 2008
Yet another William SMEE causing me problems! Who was William SMEE the Quaker in 1840-1842? An Auction House is offering 2 letters from another Quaker living in Colchester. Suggestions are welcome if you know of any Quakers in the families?
25 Feb 2008
Another major change I am afraid Looking at Edward SMEE below , I realised that I had 2 of them assigned to each others parents! Edward SMEE 1754-1835 Husband of Susanna LEWIS and Martha ? Edward SMEE 1759-1819 Husband of Sarah PERRY
22 Feb 2008
Let me start by saying "Sorry"
I have been worrying about some of the entries that I have 'inherited' from previous researchers, and am about to bite the bullet. This will result in some Family trees on this site being different to those published on other Sites.
William SMEE the husband of Elizabeth COOTE is no longer shown as the William b1788 Son of Edward SMEE and Sarah PERRY, that birth date does not fit either the 1841 census, or his Death Certificate.
If these changes have resulted in you losing a chunk of your family tree I can only apologise and point a finger at certain earlier Smee researchers who are no longer with us
7 Jan 2008
It has been a week of confusion! Fun and games sorting out the LISCOMBE Family of Gloucestershire and their fairly tenuous link to the SMEE clan, has now been followed by the arrival of Sarah Ann RAVEN's Marriage certificate. AND we have a GAP Houston... in 1862 she had the first of many children by George Henry SMEE, the man of Mystery, but in 1856 she married Henry HUNWICK! Are they the same persons? The intermeshing of the SMEE/HUNWICK lines goes back to a Quaker Marriage in 1760, so it's back to the early censuses for me
31 December 2007
One of the ongoing mysteries that has bugged me for some time is the use of the name RAVEN in the forenames of Francis Thomas Raven (Frank) SMEE 1848-1919
We know he was born in Billericay to William SMEE and Maria ELKIN, and ended his days in Australia having travelled there as a Cabin boy in 1862 and then created a dynasty there whilst his brother Captain George SMEE created another Dynasty in Bayou la Battre in Alabama USA.
But why "Raven" ?
Interestingly I have found a RAVEN family marrying into a SMEE Family, they hailed from Feering near Braintree but George Henry SMEE who married Sarah Ann RAVEN about 1862 is a mystery man (see entry below for December 7th) ... he kept changing his mind as to where he was born (Feering or Bradwell), I think I have found their Marriage registration, and wait the Certificate with bated breath to see who George's father was .... Curiously 2 of their children Alice Elizabeth (BLEAZBY) and William Henry SMEE migrated to Australia c1905 .....
Big stumbling block is the 1901 Census as there is a 68 year old Widower George JONES described as Father living with them?
Is this a bad transcription?
opinions welcomed
7 December 2007
George Henry SMEE of Feering, Braintree c1834-1917 I had thought he was George, the son of Jonathan SMEE and Sarah STRUTT, but in fact that George died aged 21. If anyone can find George Henry prior to January 1862 please let me know?
Note he also gave his Place of Birth as Bradwell.
18 November 2007
I have started another sweep through the Smee UK Marriages between 1870 and 1900, several "in-Law" families have been extended and a couple of links established, in particular I am looking into the DIGBY Families.
23 October 2007
I have obtained a copy of "The Edge of Time" a fascinating transcription of Diaries from 1890-1910 describing the life of Victorian Australians. written by Maude RICHARDSON the wife of the Reverend Reginald SMEE before and after her Marriage, the hardships that the Pastors were supposed to cheerfully endure are quite alien to us in these days of Air Conditioning and motorised transport.
9 September 2007
A new Mystery, I have received the following email, suggestions are welcome!
I have an old brass telescope in my possession that has pencilled faintly in the lid of its mahogany box " W.Smee, Royal Observatory, Greenwich. 1851". I wonder if you can shed any light on who this W.Smee was?

2 September 2007
George SMEE - a Pilot in Australia?
If you can identify this chap Please get in touch?
15 August 2007
And the breakthroughs keep coming! I found a SMEE Will I had stored on my computer many moons ago for when I had time to investigate further John SMEE a former employee of the Exchequer.
OK, I was scared of it, do you know how many John SMEEs there have been?
So I dived in and after the usual 5 minutes tuning the eyeballs to the writing I spotted it, a list of his kids! BINGO. 5 Kids that I had not realised were the same family, including George Frederick SMEE, the patriarch of the FULLER-SMEE Clan, what a find!
But then by extrapolation, and a process of elimination, I realise that George's father is the Uncle of William SMEE of the Bank of England, talk about the power behind the throne
One family running the Bank of England and an Uncle working for the Exchequer.
1st August 2007
Thanks to a contributor we have eventually placed the Victorian Politician and Privy Councillor Acton SMEE Ayrton into one of the Smee Trees. Yes, the origin of "Privy Councillor" does mean what you might be thinking! - A Member of the select band who advised the King on policy whilst he was "preparing himself" for the day's business.
Certified Copy - What does that mean?
Not a lot as it turns out. Take a look at
Does anyone know of a Freddie SMEE who lost a leg in 1944?
There is an account of his injury and his recuperation on the BBC WW2 Memories web Site.
Good Hunting Pete ...